Seeking Performance Research Assistants and Study Participants for September 20

Spectral Findings
I am looking for 4 Lab Assistants and up to 30 Study Participants for Performance Research Sessions detailed below. If possible, the Assistants would commit to all four sessions: September 20 from 6pm-10pm and October 18 from 2-6pm. November/December dates TBD.


Performance Research Sessions : Form and Function

What motivates makers and viewers to participate in performance pieces?  How can subjective data and nonverbal knowledge/understanding be collected and analyzed via performance?

September : : :Spectacle
October : : : Narrative
November : : : Audience
December : : : Experiment

Monthly research sessions will be conducted by Claire Moodey with the assistance of core “Lab Assistants” who will collaboratively generate experiments and collect qualitative, quantitative and multi-media data. Participants in the experiments, a.k.a. “Guinea Pigs” will also participate in reflective data production. Participants in any sphere may bring questions or experiment proposals which will be considered for either the current session or the session following. All forms of data (e.g. temperature, auras, colors, duration, feelings, historic accounts, songs, etc.) will then be synthesized by Moodey in culmination of a year long Fellowship with Target Margin Theater’s Institute for Collaborative Theater Making.

Saturday, September 20 from 6p-10p in the Great Room at South Oxford St.

some core questions to be probed:
How spectacle functions for individuals vs masses?
What physiologically happens to us when participating in the spectacular? (Defining “body tuning”)
How or why does spectacle create the “body tuning” that makes us susceptible to learning?
How is cultural production implicated in social engineering via spectacles of varying scale?

If interested, please contact Claire at cmoodey (at) gmail (dot) com.


Claire Moodey is a Fellow in the Target Margin Theater’s inaugural year of the Institute for Collaborative Theater Making through which these sessions are being conducted. She works creatively as a writer, director, actor, singer, puppeteer and designer. Recent projects include femme pathos, “you are almost ready to begin watching…” with TRAGEDY, Take Me Home, a (micro)history of world economics danced, Spectral Findings, The Service Road and <the invisible draft>.

Claire Moodey is a Brooklyn, NY based theater artist interested in exploring the power of metaphor, narrative, and how personal association facilitates synthesis of information about ourselves and the world.


More info about the Institute may be found at

The TMT Institute is a place where Fellows challenge themselves and the form of theater, ask what theater can be, and fearlessly embrace surprising and unexpected answers. Potential Institute Fellows should be hungry to reinvent what they want to make happen in a theater.

Institute Fellows will read, see, discuss, and make, all through the lens of our core company principles:

DIFFERENCE: We strive to discover, to do something not known, to make it new. We really mean it and we really do it. We value form-breaking work and artistic originality above all.

QUESTIONING: There are no assumptions in the Institute and in our work. Do you know what a play/production is? We don’t. Let’s locate the assumptions and set them aside. Consider everything.

FAILURE: Our linking principle. Let’s get an A or an F. Let’s fail big and surprise ourselves in the process.

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femme pathos

Reading of Claire Moodey’s new play at undergroundzero festival’s reading series playgroundzero curated by Saviana Stanescu at the Flamboyan Theater at Clemente Soto Valez July 20, 2014 at 3pm.

femme pathos

an anatomy lesson

femme model

directed by Lacy Post


Eva Peskin, Christopher McCloskey, Crichton Atkinson, Meghan Kennedy, Amy Pedulla, Leonie Bell

A family psycho-drama investigating memory, mothers, and a rejection of hysteria. In a forest of hungry ghosts, the queer ingenue asks, “What is insanity without the patriarchal landscape?” These projections from a homunculus daughter drive a refracted anatomy lesson.

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a new puppet opera


by Claire Moodey in collaboration with Ian Gallagher and Mariel Berger



June 7 , 8pm

The Bushwick Starr


Midwood House Concert

June 13, 8pm

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TRAGEDY at Being Bushwick, Bushwick Open Studios

Saturday May 31, TRAGEDY performed an endurance installation at Being Bushwick, Bushwick Open Studios official Performance Art Showcase.


photo by aricoco

photo by aricoco

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New Play at Undergroundzero this July

Check it out!  A reading of my new play in development, femme pathos, will be featured as part of undergroundzero’s playground reading series in July curated by the fabulous Saviana Stanescu:


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TRAGEDY at the BAX Upstart Festival


Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Milo Cramer, Claire Moodey, and Ariel Stess are TRAGEDY.  We make plays for lonely audiences.  Our first work in progress “You are almost ready to begin watching…” is part of the 2014 BAX Upstart Festival on February 8th.  

Check out our blog:

Check out our bank accounts, student loans, facebook statuses, OKCupid profiles and childhood towns.  Our virtual memories and future digi hopes are available on demand.

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TAKE ME HOME at the Other Forces Festival

Take Me Home

Very lucky to have worked on Alexandra Collier’s exciting new immersive play TAKE ME HOME as an Associate Director under the leadership of Meghan Finn.  The production had a sold out run at Incubator Arts Other Forces Festival and with the generous support of Lauren Rayner Productions and 3LD, was extended through Feb. 14th!  Many thanks to the fabulous team of creatives and performers who made this show possible.  Stay tuned for future productions…

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