Theater for the New City, August 2011

Theater for the New City, Crystal Field Executive Director, presents its Dream Up Festival production of


sound design by Jonah Rosenberg

animations in collaboration with Lotte Marie Allen

and performances by

Matteo Paoloni <Our Man of the World>

Briana Pozner <Girl with a Backpack>

Milo Cramer, Harriett Meyer, Samuel Moodey <Puppeteers>

EmmaGrace Skove-Epes <Video Performance>

August 14 @ 2pm
August 15 @ 9pm
August 17 @ 7pm
August 19 @ 7pm
August 20 @ 7pm

Enter the space.  

The walls of the space are made of old maps, the color of parchment. Your eardrums begin to vibrate, gently.  Within this space actors, birds, ideas move freely.  

Exit the space.

For more information or to contribute, visit Kickstarter.  Stay tuned for updates!

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