The Lower East Side Biography Project Presents Richard Foreman, Part 1

APRIL 24 and MAY 15 Inline image 2

Richard Foreman, Part 1 at 11pm EST on Time Warner Channel 34, RCN 82, FIOS 33 and streaming on MNN 1

I’ve been editing this material over the last year and am thrilled to be sharing this episode, part 1 of 2, with you.  The show and archive are an incredible resource and provide windows into the minds and lives of folks who have shaped the cultural landscape of downtown New York in the last 50 years.  I find the material fascinating and inspirational; I hope you do too!  For those particularly curious, the episode is airing alongside the opening of Foreman’s latest work OLD FASHIONED PROSTITUTES at the Public Theater.

The LES Bio Project is a community media project, a television biography series and video oral history archive that was created in 1999 by Penny Arcade & Steve Zehentner. The project creates 28-minute biographies & holds over 1300 tapes in it’s archive.

Associate produced by Dean Lance and Rick Jungers, the LES Biography Project’s biographies and archive works to ensure that future generations have access to the mad souls of invention that built this New York City neighborhood’s reputation as an incubator for authenticity, rebellion and iconoclasm. The project seeks to stem the tide of cultural amnesia by bridging the cultural gap between long time residents of New York’s Lower East Side and newcomers to the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

The project’s biographies cablecast in New York City every Wednesday at 11pm EST on Time Warner Channel 34, RCN 82, FIOS 33, and stream live on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel One

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