The Space Between the Letters WORKSHOPS

The Space Between the Letters has shifted gears this fall.

After performing TSBTL as a show in theaters for audiences of theater-goers and adult students and anyone in the local community who is interested, we have begun offering workshops in Adult Classrooms all over NYC. In October, we worked with classrooms in Flatbush, Bedstuy, East New York, and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn as well as at Lehman College in the Bronx. We have also been offering public workshops open to anyone to continue bridging the gaps in our neighborhoods between those who struggle with basic literacy and those who don’t think very much about literacy in their day-to-day lives.

These workshops have been really inspiring! The company has devised content based on the performance we developed over the last two years as well as Theater of the Oppressed games and other exercises generated in our development rehearsals. The adult students and general public have responded to questions of access and power, to agency, and have had moving experiences sharing stories from their lives with one another and making new stories, dances, songs, tableaux, and conversations together.

This new phase of work and development will continue in 2020 when we will work with one classroom for several sessions. Stay tuned with what we’re up to at

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