Coming up: An Evening of Three

I am very excited to be singing in Megan Murtha’s short piece Are You With Us, Graham Grant Graven?  

An Evening of Three: Turtle, Bicycle, Flea


9/16-18; 9/23-25 

Fri/Sat @ 8pm, Sun @ 3pm

the turtle pond was a fail (first stabs)

Text and Direction: Cara Scarmack

Performance: Priscilla Holbrook, Katie Proulx, and Ashley Nease 


Text: Kunio Yanagita

Kami Shibai Design and Direction: Tomoe Tsutsumi

Performance: Tomoe Tsutsumi and Elizabeth Logan Harris

Are You With Us, Graham Grant Graven?

Songs, Text, and Direction: Megan Murtha

Puppet Design and Direction: Mark Fox

Performance: Zoë Geltman, Elizabeth Logan Harris, Claire Moodey, Megan Murtha, Elisa Nikoloulias, Terri Weagant, and Emma Wiseman

Tickets are $10 cash donation at the door.

Seating is limited.

To reserve, email: megan (dot) murtha who uses google for mailing.

All performances held at: 85 Walker Street, 3rd floor walk-up, New York, NY 10013

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