The Space Between the Letters

I’m so excited to be working on Eva von Schweinitz’ work-in-progress about adult literacy.

Performances at JACK May 5 & 6

the space between the letters

THE SPACE BETWEEN THE LETTERS is a new multi-disciplinary, research-based performance project that investigates adult learning, the process of knowledge production, and the socio-political fabric of education in the United States. Integrating recorded interviews with adult students and teachers, interactive video, live-drawing, sound design, and choreography, THE SPACE BETWEEN THE LETTERS explores the perspective of adult learners and considers the ways in which education can provide tools to become empowered as a citizen. The project was developed as part of The Civilians’ R&D group and is being produced in part at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center through the Artist-In-Residence Program. 

Lead Artist: Eva von Schweinitz 
Ensemble: Lanxing Fu, Claire Moodey, Jonelle Robinson, Paul “P-Funk” Stalling & Chris White
Choreography: Katie Rose McLaughlin
Set: Dan Daly
Lighting: Alejandro Fajardo
Creative Coding: Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon 
Sound: Gavin Price
Easel Demon: Tyler Caffall
Stage Manager: Sam Silbiger

Contributions from John Gasper, Barakaat Livan, Letícia Machado, Alice Pencavel, Gavin Price,Nicolas Noreña, Eleni Zaharopoulos & Courtney Williams

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